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About uCIFI®

The uCIFI® Alliance

The uCIFI® Alliance is an open, non-profit organization that was established in 2019. Its members share the same vision and closely collaborate on smart city projects to offer Cities and Utilities open and interoperable solutions. Cities like Brussels (Sibelga) in Belgium and Gijon in Spain have already included uCIFI® in their tender specifications.


Smart city solution full interoperability is key to accelerating smart city solutions deployment


Develop and promote the uCIFI® unified data model for standardized IoT networks and the uCIFI® open-source smart city stack on top of Wi-SUN (6LowPan) mesh to unlock the smart city industry growth. uCIFI® will implement a certification program for vendors to guarantee compliance to the uCIFI® data model and will assists Cities and Utilities with their project specifications to ensure interoperability and interchangeability between devices from different suppliers.


Our members are companies, cities and utilities across the globe which develop, deploy and/or use connected solutions to address various smart city use cases from remote meter reading, to environmental sensors. The uCIFI® Alliance membership is divided into sponsor, contributor, adopter and supporter levels.

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Where is the uCIFI® Alliance incorporated?

uCIFI® is an international Industry Alliance founded by global players. Members from any country are welcome. The uCIFI® Alliance is founded in the State of Oregon in the USA.

How is the Alliance managed?

The Alliance is managed by the Board of Directors constituted of Sponsor Members delegates.

The Workgroups constituted of Sponsor and Contributor members delegates are in charge for the technical and marketing development.

VTM Group, an external agency specialized in managing Consortia and Industrial Alliances, manage all the administrative and financial aspects of the Alliance.

What are the Alliance target smart city verticals?

The uCIFI® Alliance targets all smart city and utility verticals and use cases. For the v1.0 of the data model the Alliance has listed a large number of Smart City use cases and made sure that the uCIFI® data model, its 33 objects, hundreds of attributes and services are available to support all of them, from smart streetlight to smart waste, from building energy efficiency to environmental monitoring, from water management to traffic, from parking to safety.

Is there any preliminary condition to becoming a uCIFI® member?

Sponsor and contributor members must declare their intention to:

  • Implement the uCIFI® Data Model in their next generation of products and solutions or for non-supplier members specify the uCIFI® data model in projects;
  • Promote uCIFI® and the uCIFI® Data Model among industry players, cities and utilities and in their marketing and communication material;
  • Support cities and utilities in the deployment of open and interoperable connected solutions.

Also, only Cities and Utilities are eligible to the supporter membership.

uCIFI® Alliance

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