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The missing piece for smart city interoperability

The uCIFI® Alliance is an IoT alliance composed of leading companies, cities and utilities committed to the development, the promotion and certification of the uCIFI® open unified data model for all smart city devices and the uCIFI® mesh implementation.

uCIFI® leverages and extends existing standards (e.g. LwM2M) and provides an open-source implementation of the unified data model for Cellular and LoRaWan protocols which standardize the physical layer and the messaging protocol but do not specify the data model for smart city devices. In addition, the uCIFI® open-source smart city stack on top of Wi-SUN (6LowPan) mesh complete the Alliance mission to provide full interoperability for all smart city devices and prevent vendor lock-in and expensive proprietary API integrations.




“Nantes Métropole is keen to deploy IoT and smart city solutions but not at the cost of being locked with proprietary systems. We do fully support initiatives such as uCIFI® that aim to create interoperable and cost-efficient solutions where the city can mix and change smart city sensors and controllers from various competing suppliers on an IoT LoRaWAN network.”

Dany Joly
Head of Electronic Comms Infrastructure,
Nantes Métropole, France

The unified uCIFI® smart city data model will offer the opportunity for the City of Gijon to exploit optimal value of the data generated by thousands of smart city sensors. Now we can unlock the full potential of IoT without expensive integration or the need to transfer data from third-party platforms.

Jose Antonio Cortés
Technical Manager,
Gijon City Council, Spain

At SIBELGA, we’re committed to deploy smart streetlight solutions on the whole Brussel region. But we don’t want public money to depend on single proprietary systems. Thus we need suppliers to agree on interoperable data models and technologies. uCIFI® directly addresses this need and we are pleased to be a supporter and an advocate of uCIFI®.

Bénédicte Collard
Head of Street Lighting,
Sibelga (Brussels’ utility), Belgium

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