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Device Extension

The uCIFI device extension is an extension to the standard Lightweight M2M device (object ID 3) using the resource called ExtDevInfo (resource ID 22).


The uCIFI battery object provides attributes to monitor battery level and activity.

Connectivity Monitoring

This LwM2M Object enables monitoring of parameters related to network connectivity. In this general connectivity Object, the Resources are limited to the most general cases common to most network bearers. It is recommended to read the description, which refers to...

Connectivity Statistics

This LwM2M Objects enables client to collect statistical information and enables the LwM2M Server to retrieve these information, set the collection duration and reset the statistical parameters.

LPWAN Mesh Connectivity

The uCIFI LPWAN Mesh Connectivity object enables monitoring and management of parameters related with the operation of 802.15.4-based LPWAN devices.