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Latest News: Keyia Joins uCIFI® Alliance

Keyia Joins uCIFI® Alliance

The uCIFI® Alliance, a leading global consortium committed to fostering interoperability across smart city solutions, is excited to announce that KEYIA has joined the Alliance as new Adopter Member. This partnership marks a significant step forward in enhancing interoperability and innovation within the realm of smart city technologies.

“We are thrilled to welcome KEYIA as a new member of the uCIFI® Alliance,” says Valentina Taddeo, Executive Director of the uCIFI® Alliance. “KEYIA’s commitment to uCIFI® is a clear sign that the Alliance’s vision to be the reference ecosystem for all companies having interoperability as a strategic mission is a shared one. We believe that KEYIA’s expertise in smart street lighting will unlock more opportunities for smart cities and for all uCIFI® members.”

KEYIA is at the forefront of integrating smart street lighting with connected systems to enhance the interoperability of third parties’ equipment, including communication gateways and sensor networks. This approach not only enriches existing applications but also enables the development of new smart solutions such as on-street parking and optimized traffic, thus enhancing the smart service offer for every citizen.

“At KEYIA, we consider it a very important component of our mission to ensure the interoperability of our connected systems with third parties’ equipment,” stated Laurent Joffre, KEYIA’s founder and CEO. “Joining the uCIFI® Alliance is a strategic decision which bolsters our commitment to deliver first-class services in the field of data management using existing streetlighting infrastructures. We look forward to implementing the uCIFI® defined standards and collaborating with other high-tech companies to develop interoperable applications that will benefit our end users.”

This collaboration between KEYIA and the uCIFI® Alliance symbolizes a shared dedication to advancing smart city technologies and ensuring a more interconnected and efficient future for urban environments worldwide.

About uCIFI® Alliance

The uCIFI® Alliance is a global consortium of companies and organizations committed to creating an interoperable ecosystem for smart cities and utilities. Through collaboration and open standards, the Alliance aims to drive innovation and ease the integration of diverse technologies, enabling smart, sustainable, and efficient urban environments.


KEYIA is a leading provider of smart street lighting solutions, dedicated to enhancing the interoperability of connected systems and third-party equipment. With a focus on leveraging existing infrastructure to deliver advanced data management services, KAYIA aims to enrich smart city applications and contribute to the development of new solutions that improve urban living.